Compliance Services

Corporate Tax

As for Corporate Tax, Humano Ptd Lte assists organisations in keeping track of the deadlines and documents required, ensuring that organisations fulfil the requirement and responsibilities expected out of them, including employees’ tax filing, non-citizens employees, tax clearance and many more. Organisations can therefore rely on Humano Ptd Lte to keep their records in check, from the right forms to the accurate tax payment and return

Personal Tax

For individuals who need assistance with their Personal Tax, Humano Ptd Lte offers support in producing income statements, such as revenue, gross profit/loss, allowable business expenses, adjusted profit and many more. Whether a citizen or non-citizen salaried employee, Humano Ptd Lte is capable of assisting the individual to settle and manage their personal income and business tax.

Annual filings with ACRA & IRAS

Humano Ptd Lte also offers professional advice for organisations on fulfilling and complying with the standard and non-standard statutory requirements. Apart from that, Humano Ptd Lte’s services also cover the basic and advanced foundation services, including corporate secretarial duties, compilation, corporate tax and annual reporting.

XBRL Conversion

The use of XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is deemed to help achieve the objectives of facilitating the conduct of business in Singapore, as it provides more value-added financial information and enhances the regulatory environment with improved transparency and timely dissemination of relevant financial information. For organisations that need to file in XBRL, Humano Ptd Lte offers services that include preparing the full set of financial statements in XBRL format.